On July 1st 2021 we launched a new feed to detect phishing URLs and brand impersonation threats.

With its REST API, the’s feed has been made to be used daily in your favorite detection tool, by your SOC/CERT. dataset is constantly updated throughout the day to allows you detect threat faster and launch takedown campaigns.

Let’s give it a try for free!

StalkPhish provides tools and services to fight against phishing and brand impersonation campaigns which try to collect personal or banking data stolen from your customers.

StalkPhish created several tools and sensors to detect, collect, enrich and deliver actionable data permitting, for your SOC, CSIRT/CERT, to launch takedown campaigns targeting your brand or company.

Also for a better understanding about phishing/brand impersonation threat, StalkPhish generate analysis, and actionable knowledge about phishing kits we can collect here and there.

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