No comments – Brand impersonation/phishing URLs detection is your everyday phishing and brand impersonation detection feed. We help you detect phishing fraud faster and protect your brand, customers and employees harder. With our detection feed, you’ll be able to quickly identify phishing threats and take them down before they cause any damage.

More than a single detection tool, is designed to retrieve information about the actors of these phishing campaigns.

We at StalkPhish are convinced that the fight against phishing must include identifying the actors and putting pressure on them.

  • - Brand impersonation/phishing URLs detection

Your everyday phishing/brand impersonation detection feed

– with one line of code –

. Feed your tools with data provided by, using our REST API.
. Enrich your own data/knowledge with data retrieved from our API.
. Learn how works and what phishing kits impersonating your brand do.
. Follow campaigns which try to lure your customers.
. Launch your takedown process with retrieved information.
. Monitor the activity of threat actors and their infrastructure.
. Improve your knowledge of the actors conducting these phishing campaigns.