[Phishing Kit] ‘Israel’ Outlook Web App credentials stealer

An analysis of a phishing kit found with StalkPhish tool. This phishing kit impersonating a professional Outlook login pattern and exfiltrate credentials on an online portal (FormBuddy)… with no success.

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This morning my StalkPhish instance downloaded a new kit I never seen before. First look, it seems to be a phishing kit impersonating a professional Outlook login pattern which (<spoil> try to </spoil>) exfiltrate credentials on an online portal.

The source kit, harvested by StalkPhish, once unzipped, just contains 2 files:

$ ls -Ggh Israel/
-rw-r--r-- 1 3,9K déc. 3 03:29 ss.html
-rw-r--r-- 1 2,2K déc. 3 03:25 success.html

DirListing-like on 000webhostapp
Package creation date seems to be Nov 08 2019

The package seems to have been created on November 08 2019 10:01:09 am and deployed on December 03 2019 02:30 am (local server timezone).

Deployed, the phishing kit looks like this:


The message talk about a ‘webmail database’ and en join the user to validate her/his e-mail if she/he don’t want to be deleted from a ‘database’. As you can see, the form Domain/Username looks like a Microsoft/AD field.

Once credentials confirmed, they are POST on Formbuddy.com which propose to store data exfiltrated from your website forms.

credentials HTTP POST on Formbuddy.com

Unfortunatly for the scammer (!!!), Formbuddy seems to have tagged the referer as a phishing site:

Result of exfiltration try

But, seen the HTTP POST request, in fact the request is not conform to the script use manual, and this exfiltration can not work!

Form configuration – http://www.formbuddy.com/ins.html

By the way you can observe the field ‘USERNAME’, that you can find filled in the source code with the value: ‘tony222b‘. Rationally it should be the scammer’s Formbuddy.com login account.

As seen in the source code extract, the redirection URL is: hxxp://custom1.starkwebsolutions[.]com/image/field/success.html
One more time, this is a mistake, and logically
the success.html file to use should be the one in the same local directory of the server. This redirection URL was used in another phishing campaign at start of 2018, relatives to a ‘Outlook Web App‘ and the domain name is now parked.

Phishing campaign at start of 2018 – https://blogs.k-state.edu/scams/2018/01/30/phishing-scam-01302018-help-desk-team/

The string ‘Outlook Web App‘ can be found in the phishing kit source retrieved, in the ‘success.html’ file:

Israel/success.html (extract)

As we can see, this deployed phishing kit can not be operational, and does not work as is. That’s pretty usual to find development kits deployed here and there when you harvest kits from here and there. It’s the first time I see the use of Formbuddy portal to exfiltrate data collected, that’s what I would like to share, this and a pretty interesting fail…
One more thing, I don’t understand the use of term ‘Israel’ in this kit, does it is supposed to target Israelian people?

{SHA1} e06701797f002bb19c359644879db5f7a69c6596
‘Outlook Web App’