Using PhishingKit-Yara-Rules with ClamAV

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As a reminder, the PhishingKit-Yara-Rules project is a free and open source project which provides several dozen phishing kit detection rules contained in zip archives. You can find these rules on GitHub:

We have already covered the creation and use of Phishing Kit Yara rules in a previous post (see:

Specifically, these are rules intended for the detection and sorting of archives of phishing kits.

PhishingKit-Yara-Rules project GitHub page

We covered how to use the PhishingKit-Yara-Search project to use these rules, as well as VirusTotal’s use of these rules.

But do you know you can use these rules with ClamAV too?

Using PhishingKit-Yara-Rules with ClamAV

As many threat analysts, we often embed the free antivirus engine ClamAV in our analysis stacks. First, because it’s always good to check files you are manipulating during a threat analysis, and because this antivirus is free (big thanks to the dev community!).

Since the 0.99b (yes… it was 2015) you can use Yara rules to scan files in a directory, using the clamscan binary with -d argument, you force to use Yara rules as database.

First, you need to clone the rules repository:

$ git clone

Then you ‘just’ have to declare the directory of your Yara rules following the -d argument, then follow the directory you have to scan:

$ clamscan -d /data/tools/yara-phishing/rules/ /tmp/Stalkphish_phishing-kits/

The clamscan binary do what it have to do, and you just have to catch the report for the result:

ClamAV scan result with PhishingKit-Yara-Rules

Yes, two lines of code, no more 🙂

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