Une campagne de phishing Netflix, Société Générale, Ameli ou Crit’air pour 10€

Chez Stalkphish nous nous plongeons – depuis plusieurs mois – dans certains réseaux de “scama”, de scammers (arnaqueurs), pratiquant des campagnes de phishing parfois assez volumineuses et qui touchent plusieurs marques, enseignes ou services du gouvernement français, comme Ameli/Carte vitale, la vignette Crit’Air, les împots, ainsi que des services privés comme Netflix ou des services bancaires tels que ceux de la Société Générale, la Banque Postale, et bien d’autres.

[Use case] Hunting for phishing pages

Fight phishing (aka “Phight”) is not an easy task, you need to detect a campaign before starting to dismantle it. You can compare that to a race: the faster you detect a campaign, the faster you can start to takedown it! We created StalkPhish with this idea in mind, to be fast and accurate. Fast

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[Phishing kit] LinkedIn phishing kit targeting Chinese users – an analysis

At StalkPhish we like dissecting Phishing kits, first because we create Yara rules for detection, secondly because we must continually keep up to date with new developments in terms of phishing kits, finally because we like to pass on to the general public knowledge about this type of threat. This post was previously published on

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